Grofizz 12″ Programmable LED Growth Chamber for LIVE MicroAlgae Cultures


The 12″ programmable LED Growth Chamber by Groffiz is designed to maximise the growth of LIVE Spirulina Cultures as well as other cyanobacteria like Chlorella and Dunaliella Salina. It includes customized led lighting, oxygen enrichment, agitation motor and a sealed container to prevent contamination.

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The Grofizz MicroAlgae LED Growth Chamber delivers your specifically chosen wavelengths of light, to facilitate the rapid growth of your LIVE spirulina culture.

Select among 20 different wavelengths of light and 20 key functions including fade, flash, alternating cycle, and custom cycling to optimize your Spirulina’s growth.

Growing a different type of microalgae? No problem! The LED lighting system is so flexible, you will be able to customize light fluctuations for any microalgae’s requirements, including Chlorella, Dunaliella Salina, astaxanthin and other cyanobacteria.

The Programmable LED Growth Chamber is optimized for maximal light penetration and culture mixing, and the closed photobioreactor system minimizes contamination and environmental factors.

The entire System is perfect for conducting experiments and research, maintaining a mother culture in algae farming, or growing your own spirulina at home for personal use.

MicroAlgae LED Growth Chamber Components

  • Grofizz 500ml Culture Starter
  • 2L Photobioreactor
  • 12″ Programmable L.E.D. System
  • Air pump, air tubing, air filters
  • Gas exchange air locks
  • Replacement air stones

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit does not include the main growth tank, which is sold separately by Grofizz. We recommend buying their complete LED bioreactor system, which includes the tank and growth chamber together, as well as a few other bonuses.

Main Features

  • Programmable remote controlled LED chamber for the 500ml or 2L photobioreactor
  • Red LED = 626nm, Green LED = 525nm, Blue LED = 470nm, 20 possible LED colors available as constant or intermittent illumination
  • water resistant LED lights with a 30,000 hrs lifespan
  • Reflective mylar surface that maximizes light availability to the algae within the chamber
  • Chamber was designed to grow photosynthetic algae and cyanobacteria


Additional information


2,000 mililiters

Item Weight

2.51 pounds / 1.138 kg


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