Grofizz 500mL Algae Culture Starter Photobioreactor System


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The Grofizz 500ml Photobioreactor System includes all of the hardware that you need to start and scale-up your algae culture in a closed environment.

The package comes with a culture starter photobioreactor, air lines, air filter, gas exchange air lock, air stones, and pump to facilitate culture inoculation and rapid growth, while minimizing contamination.

Once your culture reaches your target density, it can easily be transferred to the 2L photobioreactor to conduct experiments, grow your own nutrients for healthy smoothies, or continue scale-up of your culture to even larger volumes.

Add the Grofizz LED Growth system to maximize growth or bioproducts under different wavelengths of light.

Main Uses in Algae Culturing

1. Getting a small amount of culture to multiply when you’re first starting out.
2. Maintaining the mother culture in reserve in case something goes wrong and your spirulina dies.
Gas exchange air lock isolates the culture from the outside environment, ensuring the purity of your live spirulina culture and reducing the risk of contamination.
For the main grow area, you will also need a larger tank. Depending on your settings, you may require some extra pumps, piping, led lights and harvesting filters.
If you’re looking for a “plug & play” solution, this grow-your own spirulina unit could be your solution.

Algae Culture Starter Main Features

  • Proprietary angled aeration system and 2.75″ PBR diameter ensures efficient light penetration to produce rapid and robust growth of algae cultures
  • Gas exchange air lock promote pure axenic cultures
  • Air pump, air lines, air filter, and (5) air stones and (5) replacement fittings included
  • The 500ml photobioreactor is the perfect size to inoculate your algae and establish a culture
  • Great for demonstrating core biological and chemistry principles to students, learning how to create biofuels, and making your own Omega oils and other nutrients


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