Landove Stereo Microscope with Smartphone Adaptor – Science Lab 3D scope – 20X 40X Magnifications

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The perfect Stereo Microscope for spirulina growers who wish to get better insights of their overall spirulina production performance. This smart but simple stereo microscope comes with a smartphone adapter component that helps to take microscopie footage of your live spirulina culture and share with your colleagues or advisors.

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Gain a more intuitive understanding of your live spirulina culture by viewing it in full HD, using this light weight, portable stereo microscope.

Mitigate your spirulina growth by taking a closer look at its progression from day to day.

Quickly and accurately check product quality and identify specific problems such as biological contaminants.

Save your microscopic footage for future reference or share it with colleagues using the microscope smartphone adaptor.

Operates on batteries, which means it is portable. Take it with you out to the field (or pond) to test your spirulina culture in real time!

Main Features of the Stereo Microscope


  1. 10x / 20x eyepiece and 2x objective lens, the magnification is 20x and 40x.
  2. Includes a smartphone adapter (can connect to the 10x eyepiece only) by which you can capture Beauty in the MicroWord.
  3. High-quality stereo microscope does the job of two instruments, allowing you to view both slides and 3D objects – like the included geode specimen.
  4. Double function Light System allows you to use both Direct light and Transmitted light.
  5. The illuminator is powered by three AA batteries (not included), which makes the microscope independent of any external power sources.
  6. Great optical quality, performs impressive images and optimal results in observations of micro and macro elements.
  7. The individual eye relief of the observer is adjustable from 3.7mm – 6.7mm. This will suit for most adults.
  8. The smartphone adapter included lets you capture footage of tiny spirulina coils and other microscopic particles

1 review for Landove Stereo Microscope with Smartphone Adaptor – Science Lab 3D scope – 20X 40X Magnifications

  1. Nene Linda

    Excellent product.

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