Pawfly 1.6″ Ceramic Air Stone Diffuser for Increased Agitation & Oxidation

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These quality air stones diffusers create an abundance of small to tiny bubbles that create a good circulation of light and oxygen in your spirulina bioreactor or pond.

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Pawfly air stone diffuser gives an abundance of tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of larger bubbles. It can be connected to an air pump to introduce oxygen or to a gas chamber, to introduce Co2.

Product Features

  • Works with 2.5W or more.
  • Fits for 3/16 ” / 4 mm inner diameter tube.
  • Increases oxygen within the water and improves the respiration of the algae.
  • Reusable and easy to clean material.
  • Sturdy and non-toxic food-grade material.
  • It comes with 8PCS air stones.
  • Size: approx. 1.6″ x 0.6″ inches or 40mm x 15mm (Diameter X Height).

Usage Guide

  • First, soak the air stone in water for about 1 hour before use.
  • Attach the stone to a4 mm inner diameter tube.
  • Attach the tube to an air pump of 2.5W or more.
  • Place the stone in your spirulina culturing tank or bioreactor and turn the pump on.
  • Clean periodically in water using a clean toothbrush without any detergents to lengthen the product life cycle.

What Kind of Air Stone Should I Use?

  • A bigger air stone needs a more powerful pump to produce more bubbles.
  • Basically, bigger stones can produce more bubbles and they’re used for powerful air pumps.
  • If you connect a big air stone to a small pump, the bubbles will be produced only at the front of the stone.
  • Small pumps go well with smaller stones while powerful pumps and small stones don’t get along well.
  • A disc-shaped air stone can stay steady at the bottom of your tank, while cylinder stones will move around the tank freely.

3 reviews for Pawfly 1.6″ Ceramic Air Stone Diffuser for Increased Agitation & Oxidation

  1. wasme

    These are excellent for 5-Gallon DWC buckets. Perfect for many sizes of air pumps and makes a lot of bubbles. Get several of them because you will appreciate these.

  2. Danio

    Creates even amount of bubbles throughout; Low air pressures will produce very fine bubbles, while high pressures will generate lots of 1/4″ and finer bubbles. High pressures (20-40 gallon air pump) will create lots of surface disturbance and some localized current flow in a 20-gallon long. Seems to work more effectively face-down so there is more surface area for the bubbles to escape vertically. Recommend!

  3. LBBP

    Good-sized stones that produce as many (if not more) bubble action than some of the larger ones. Not terribly heavy, but still a good weight for my hydroponics set up. Good buy.

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