PhotoBioreactor for Home Cultivation of Spirulina Platensis or Other Micro-algae 30 L / 7.9 GL


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Grow over 100 Grams / 3.5 oz. of fresh Spirulina per day with this efficient 30L PhotoBioreactor, designed and manufactured by HealthAlgae Sweden AB.

Technical Specifications

  • Working volume: 30 Liter (7.92 US gallon)
  • Total volume: 35 Liter (9.24 US gallon)
  • Total height: 1450 mm
  • Full Width: 300×300 mm
  • Column width: 200 mm
  • Inner column width: 150 mm
  • Inbuilt mixing: Yes
  • Mixing type: Gas stone bubbling
  • Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) reactor also called acrylic plastic/glass (bisphenol-A free) and 316 L steel.

Component list

  • Inner 150 mm column attached with the top lid (1100 mm)
  • Outer 200 mm column with a sphere in the end (1300 mm)
  • Other holding structures made from three 300×300 mm PMMA plates and 8 mm rods, screws, screw-nuts, washers, and an adjustable column holder.
  • The lower part sticks out 100 mm and can be fastened into various surfaces
  • Screw-nuts (8), washers (8) and lock washers (4) are enclosed in the kit.
  • Air pump (Flow: 30 Liter/minute / 1800 Liter/h, 25W, 220-240 V – with US and EU hole in the wall connection, 0.025 MPa, 40 dB)
  • 13 mm tubing for the inlet (3 m) of gas into the photobioreactor, the outlet of gas (3 m) from the photobioreactor, and an extra CO2 inlet (3 m) into the photobioreactor via a three-way connection with a replaceable stop on one side.
  • The latter two come in one piece for you to cut as you like.
  • 4 mm silicone tubing (5 m) for replacement of the inner reactor tubing as necessary
  • 4 valve connection – for connecting 3 more photobioreactors to the air pump
  • Check valve / One-way valve – to protect the air pump in case culture would move via the gas inlet out of the photobioreactor
  • Gas flow regulator – to enable full gas to low or no flow into the photobioreactor.
  • Extra screws (4), screw-nuts (4), washers (8), and lock washers (4).


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