Spirulina Culturing Salts, Grow 5 Gal/19L of Live Spirulina Culture

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Our spirulina culturing salts compound is a modification of the media from Aiba, S. & Ogawa, T. (1977) and Schlösser 1994. Using this media, you can achieve good rates and maintain pH control. Mix into a 19 liters or 5 gallons of clean fresh water.

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Beginner, intermediate and experienced growers alike would love this spirulina culturing salts mix, designed for growing approximately 20 Liters / 5 Gallons of live spirulina culture. Use the included manual to guide you as you mix the nutrients in water and feed it to your live spirulina.

Spirulina Culturing Salts for Science Projects

  • Teachers, parents, and students – grow Spirulina easily and get great results! This balanced spirulina culturing salts mix will give you accurate results, every single time!
  • Because spirulina grows quickly, experiments take a fraction of the time as plants! 
  • Great experiments:  toxicology, light quality, environmental changes, algae blooms.
  • Students have sent our algae into SPACE THREE TIMES (would have been four, but the rocket exploded. we still love you Space X!)

About Algae Research Supply

Algae Research Supply is a small group of teachers and scientists with a mission of educating the next generations on aquatic science. Over 50% of the planet’s oxygen comes from algae, however we are not emphasizing algae’s importance in schools- our mission is to make it EASY, AFFORDABLE, and REPEATABLE to teach algae in classrooms.

We grow algae and zooplankton cultures for most habitats on our planet (and perhaps Mars!)  We carry freshwater, brackish, marine, and extremophile cultures of algae that grow to exhibit colorful pigments of red (phycoerythrin), orange (carotenoids), brown (fucoxanthin), blue green (phycocyanin), and green (chlorophyll).

Choose from our selection of live mother cultures, culture kits, farming kits, algae beads or Brainy Briny’s. All items come with our Algae Culturing Manual:

  • CULTURE is simply live algae cells that you can grow and multiply continuously.
  • CULTURE KITS include the culture, salts, nutrients, and a flask (in most kits).
  • FARMING KIT is used to grow batches of algae to harvest biomass.
  • ALGAE BEADS are concentrated cells in a gel, used for classrooms.


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3 reviews for Spirulina Culturing Salts, Grow 5 Gal/19L of Live Spirulina Culture

  1. Barbara Stansbury

    Used for my Science Fair project

  2. Eli K

    I got this to replicate their smaller “brainy brine” kit, where you raise adult brine shrimp to adulthood. I emailed them to ask instead of the spirulina mix, if i could get the saltwater algea mix, which makes the perfect conditions for the shrimp. Not only did my brine shrimp grow to adulthood, but they lived on in my 5 gallon bucket for well over 6 months. (at this point, I think i may have crashed the culture by feeding too many to my fish!)

    A+ customer service and product! If you’re looking to raise brine shrimp, message them and ask for the saltwater mix instead!

  3. heather

    I originally bought their small kit to start our spirulina growing journey and it did beautifully. So I had to purchase this Culture Salts to expand that tiny culture. We are now in a 4 gallon square tank and the algae is growing so well. This purchase says it will make 5 gallons total. So far we made up a gallon of the mixture and it’s lasting pretty well. Within a few weeks our spirulina was such a dark green and very healthy. It’s almost time to start harvesting.

    I tried to get a picture, but the glare on the side of the tank was just too bad.

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