Urea – Nitrogen Source for Spirulina Cultures – 10 Pounds (NH2)2CO

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Urea (NH2)2CO makes a great Nitrogen Source for spirulina cultures, and is the chemical equivalent of urine.
If you don’t want to use urine in your spirulina culture, be sure to add urea from time to time, but be careful with the amount, you only need to put a little bit at a time.

Read all about how to use urea in spirulina cultures on our glossary.

Urea is also used in many household products, gas supplement, and as a fertilizer for plants and trees.

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1 review for Urea – Nitrogen Source for Spirulina Cultures – 10 Pounds (NH2)2CO

  1. PJF

    Good price and I love that I did not have to purchase a large quantity.

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