Dry Grow Medium for Live Algae Cultures


Spirulina Platensis 80 L dry grow medium SSD1+2 For home growing Spirulina

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This is a HealthAlgaes development medium for the home growing of Spirulina Platensis. Designed to produce 3.5 grams of dry Spirulina (17.5 gram wet weight) per liter medium, enriched with all the nutrients your Spirulina needs in order to thrive.

The medium is made out of clean food-grade components and nutrients. It comes with clear instructions on how to use it. Dissolve in water and after 30 minutes of stirring you can add your live spirulina culture. If you want more instructions, please add a note and request HealthAlgae’s Spirulina growing manual (47 pages) and it will be included with the medium.

The size is for 80 L of growth medium, but you can dilute it in the double amount of water and still be able to grow in it. That way it will give you 160 L of medium. With this medium, you can easily grow and harvest the Spirulina for your own consumption or as a fresh fish feed supplement.

Depending on how fast your culture grows, you can harvest certain amounts of the culture regularly and replace the harvested volume with this medium. This way you will always have a fresh and healthy growing Spirulina culture.

Product content

Dry Spirulina grow medium SSD1+2 for an 80 L (21.1 gallons) culture (1700 gram). The product will be delivered sealed and well packaged.

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Delivery time

Delivery to EU is done within 5-10 days and to the rest of the world within 10-18 days.

HealthAlgae Sweden AB is a Swedish company producing healthy, clean, and safe algae for human and animal consumption.


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