Share Live Spirulina Culture with Growers in Your Area

Last updated on June 28th, 2021 is primarily intended to assist individuals seeking to grow their own spirulina at home. Over the past six years, we have been working on expanding our product range as well as improving our eBooks and calculators and creating new content for our blog and glossary, all with the aim to increase awareness to Spirulina and help new growers find the resources they need to get started.

Our current goal is to create a network of spirulina growers who can supply each other with live spirulina cultures locally.

Why should I offer my live spirulina culture to other growers?

Anyone who ever tried growing their own spirulina knows the frustration when you make a single mistake that kills your entire batch. If you don’t have a fresh batch sitting in hibernation somewhere, you lose your entire operation. While beginners and amateurs might give up at that stage, this scenario can be devastating for a commercial grower.

Acquiring a new live spirulina culture can be challenging. Importing it from other countries and delivering it through the post often results in customs delays that can damage the batch. In many countries, live bacteria is not allowed at all and gets shipped back to the sender. Therefore, obtaining it from a local source is ideal.

Being able to acquire a new batch of live spirulina when needed is not just beneficial for beginners, but also for advanced growers who want to experiment with different strains and have a backup culture available locally whenever they need it.

Furthermore, as spirulina is still very much a niche market, it would be wise of commercial growers to collaborate and help each other. And since to a large extent, spirulina marketing is about raising awareness, one producer’s success can benefit the entire market.

If you grow your own spirulina and would like to offer live culture to other growers in your area, we encourage you to apply by filling out this form.

Benefits of joining the Network

  • Build connections with like-minded people in your area
  • Earn an extra income while supporting a worthy cause
  • Gain the peace of mind of always having a backup culture nearby
  • List your culture on our store 

What do I need in order to join?

You need to be growing your own spirulina and be able to provide small batches of it in a timely and secure fashion. Our application form is designed to understand the condition of your culture. We may also ask you to send us some pictures or video footage to ensure it adheres to our quality standards.

What happens when someone buys my culture?

  • Your listing will only be visible to people in your country.
  • Once a customer buys your culture, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address, containing all the relevant details about the purchase.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange the pickup with your buyer or deliver the package to them within a reasonable timeframe and make sure it arrives safely. We will instruct you on how to do this.
  • We will charge a small commission on each sale generated, to cover our marketing and administration expenses.
  • Once a month, we will transfer all funds generated from your sales directly to your PayPal account.

I’m Convinced! How Can I Join?

Fill in the application form. We will contact you as soon as we review your request with instructions for the next steps.

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  1. Pavan Savekar Reply

    I am facing some problem in spirulina production, can you help me? Reply me on my email address ahe [email protected]

    I don’t know what type of spirulina I am producing but the problem is that I was cultivating the same type of culture in 4 bottles. And All bottles had pH above 9. But in one of the bottles , I could see that a different type of algae appeared in that one bottle, it was like this – it had a high growth potential and it looked like many sticks. I don’t understand what is this? I need your help please.I need your help please.

    • Ditsa Keren Reply

      sounds like you had too much aeration and possibly too much light. to eliminate contaminants, try raising the ph to 11, then take it down gradually to 10.3 after 24 hours. As for the straight filaments, try to find coiled ones, isolate them and start again. the straight coils are ok to eat but difficult to grow and harvest

  2. Bilal talib Reply

    I am sutragling to grow spirulina , pakistan

  3. Tay Zar Reply

    I am from Myanmar which is situated in South East Asia Region. I want to buy Spirulina platensis species. Can you tell me how I can buy this living algae. Thanks.

  4. NB Laboratories Pvt Ltd Reply

    NB Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. India’s 2nd largest Organic Spirulina Manufacturers. We Offer Organic Spirulina, Moringa, Wheatgrass, barley grass, Alfalfa at best price. … Pvt Ltd is spread over 15 acres of Land and over 8 Acres of Pond Area. … has grown in a pollution free, controlled environment, away from any other Industry.

  5. Hassaballa Adam Reply

    How to grow spirulina step pay step

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