Learn the art of Growing Spirulina

Our research is focused on finding easy and cost-effective solutions to growing spirulina, whether at home, a micro farm or a commercial setting. Learn and experiment with spirulina cultivation, connect with other growers around the world and share your experiences.

In optimum conditions, SPIRULINA may contain up to...

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The ultimate FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, LOW CALORIE, Plant-Based protein

Amino Acids

Including 9 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, in charge of important brain & muscle functions

Vitamins & Minerals

Including rare TRACE ELEMENTS and important B vitamins which convert food into available energy

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Natural Pigments

Powerful ANTIOXIDANTS to enlighten skin and hair with a radiant vitality!

Our Spirulina Guidebooks

Find all of our beginner tips and tricks for organic Spirulina cultivation, including precise culture medium measurements, day-by-day growth charts, harvesting, drying and more. All the information in this eBook is based on profound research, methodical testing and documentation from our own experiments, compiled in plain English that anyone can understand!

Specifically designed for spirulina growers who wish to scale up their operations from home-grown to a micro-farm using raceway ponds. If you’re looking to set up a small factory or feed your farm animals, this guidebook is a great place to start.

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Share Live Spirulina Culture with Growers in Your Area

Grow-organic-spirulina.com is primarily intended to assist individuals seeking to grow their own spirulina at home. Over the past six years,

12 Powerful Nutrients That You Can Get From 1 Tablespoon of Spirulina

From lowering cholesterol, through balancing sugar to strengthening muscles, Spirulina has long been recognized as the most powerful natural multivitamin

The Benefits of Spirulina for Diabetes Patients

Clinical studies on thousands of diabetes patients around the world have shown a number of benefits that make Spirulina a

How Spirulina Can Eradicate Malnutrition

In 1974, the united nations have discovered Spirulina and declared it as the number one food to distribute among malnourished communities.

Free Resources for Spirulina Growers

Private: The Ultra Quick Guide To Starting Up Your Spirulina Production Pond

Raceway ponds 101

The basics of setting up a raceway pond for spirulina production.

ebooks and guides

Spirulina Glossary

Familiarize with commonly used ingredients for Spirulina culturing

customer-service grow organic spirulina FAQ

Spirulina FAQ

Our readers' most frequently asked questions answered.

grow organic spirulina videos on youtube

Spirulina Videos

A collection of inspirational spirulina tutorials from around the web

global spirulina network whatsapp group GSN

Spirulina WhatsApp Group

A place to learn and share experiences with other growers

global spirulina community grow organic spirulina

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Just Getting started?

Home Grown Spirulina kits

Find a source of live spirulina

As a single celled organism, spirulina is constantly multiplying. You can’t grow it from powder though, so we don our best to find growers around you to help you get started. Browse our list of partners to find one near you!

*Already have spirulina culture? Add it to our catalog!

Grow spirulina guidebook tablet version

learn about growing spirulina

Learn how to kickstart, grow, harvest, feed and maintain your spirulina culture. Experiment with popular mineral formulas for the growth and feeding stages, and find the one that best works for you. 

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Basic home grown spirulina kit

Gear up with equipment & minerals

We’ve gathered all the essential materials that will make your life easier when growing spirulina, whether at home or in a larger setting.

*Not sure which minerals to choose? Check our free Glossary.

frequently asked questions

The first thing you’ll need  is some live spirulina. Given the right conditions, it will grow and multiply by roughly 25% per day.
For more information on obtaining live spirulina, see our spirulina cultures collection.

There are endless models and techniques in which you can grow spirulina. Pretty much all of them include these elements:  

  • A large tank, aquarium, grow bag or pond
  • Water pump, air pump, paddle wheel or aerator
  • Additional heating, cooling or lighting depending on the growth environment and climate
  • pH/ temperature Meter
  • Secchi disk for measuring culture density
It depends on the culture volume and the size of your tank. When the water level in your tank has reached full capacity, you can stop adding culture medium and wait for the water to thicken. This process usually takes about 2 weeks, and after that, you can harvest every 2-3 days on average.

Looking for spirulina cultivation support?

Whether you want to start a new spirulina farm, or you just need some guidance with a specific problem, our community of industry-leading experts is at your service- Just tell us what you need!

advanced growers

Live Spirulina culture from Tamilnadu , spirulina from india

scaling from the lab to the farm

Spirulina is a single celled algae. Under the right conditions, it will grow and multiply by up to 25% per day! You can’t grow it from powder though. Browse our list of suppliers and find one near you!

advanced algae manufacturing equipment

Enrich beverages, sauces, snacks and sweets with all the goodness that nature has to offer! Adopt spirulina to your diet and see the changes for yourself!

Today’s intense pace of life doesn’t always allow you to maintain healthy eating habits. Our Spirulina tablets will help you restore all the vital components that your body needs in order to function at high capacity and maintain your energy levels.

how to become a certified SPIRULINA supplier

Our Spirulina has been certified by the Israeli ministry of health, 

the FDA, FSSAI, GMP, ISO 2200, ISO 9001, and Star Kosher.

get a steady supply of feeding nutrients
at an interval of your choice

Enduring the path towards health and fitness can be challenging, but we can help. 

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