Spirulina Budget Planner – Ideal for Business Planning & Fundraising


Our Spirulina Budget Planner is a Google Sheets file that gives you practical tools to assess the long term sustainability and profitability of your spirulina cultivation project.

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By documenting all of your income and expenses into neatly organized, industry-specific categories, you’ll be able to forecast:

  • Average monthly income & expenditure
  • Total/net yearly income & expenditure
  • Debt and pending payments
  • Compare spending vs. income for specific projects, products, or customers
  • See how much of your income is being spent, and on what

Get funding for your project

Many spirulina growers who wish to expand from microfarm to a larger operation turn to investors or grant  funding. While the idea of spirulina cultivation is always appealing at first glance, what investment funds are particularly interested in is how sustainable and profitable the project will be in the long run.

Our Spirulina Budget Planner will give you an incredible advantage, as you’ll be able to show that you thought of everything and that you know what to expect.

Using the Budget Planner

Once you’ve setup your yearly forecast, or an estimate of your monthly income and expenditure, it only takes a few minutes a day or less to color paid rows and adjust the actual numbers.

If you make the habit of updating your file once a week, then overtime you can gain valuable insights on which of your projects, methods, products, service providers or customers give off the most value, and which ones are wasting your resources.

The file includes detailed instructions on how to add or edit fields, and where to find relevant information.

*Please note, this is not a spirulina grow guide. We have plenty of advice on how to grow spirulina in our Books and guides section. This is a web-based app intended for tracking and forecasting business growth within the spirulina market.

Technical Requirements

The Spirulina Budget planner is a Google Sheets File. If you have a Google account, you can view and edit the file online from any device. Although it is viewable on smartphones and tablets, it works best on a computer.

Those who are familiar with Google Sheets will find it easy to use, others might require a learning curve.

Since we are still in beta stage, we welcome any feedback with open arms.



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