Viagrow 5″ Air Stone Disc Diffuser


5″ air stone disc to aerate water in spirulina cultivation ponds and photo bioreactors
Fits ¼” tubing

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The Viagrow Air Stone works with an air pump to create scores of tiny bubbles, adding much-needed oxygen to the water in spirulina algae growth systems and photobioreactors.

The larger surface area of the air stone allows for the production of a greater number of bubbles, therefore increasing the surface area of the oxygen available to your Spirulina.

As the bubbles aerate the water, they also help circulate nutrients around your tank, boosting a healthy growth for your spirulina coils.

Additional Infomation

  • 5″ air stone disc
  • Fits ¼” tubing
  • Aerates water
  • Can be used in aquariums or hydroponic systems
  • Durable construction
  • Sold by a recommended 3rd party supplier via Amazon


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