Spirulina Starter Culture- Maximum Density, Pure Raw Superfood – 15ml / 0.5oz


Grown and cultivated in the USA by Suncoast Marine Aquaculture.

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15ml / 0.5oz Spirulina starter culture  (Arthrospira platensis), Guaranteed live, pure and active.

This is a perfect culture to start your own large or small-scale constant supply of Spirulina for whatever use you desire.

Great as an educational tool to examine microscopically as it is much larger than many species of phytoplankton. Whether you plan to study, culture or harvest  this pure strain of Spirulina.

If you plan to start a regenerating culture from this small seed culture, be sure to research the growth requirements of Spirulina. While fairly simple to culture, Spirulina requires an alkali growth medium and a specific blend of nutrients (fertilizer) to reproduce successfully.

About Suncoast Marine Aquaculture

We are a young company that was built based on our love of marine ecosystems and the earth’s coral reefs. We pride ourselves for the great care that goes into the quality of the products we offer.

We have devoted significant amount of time in research, design and husbandry of the living systems of our oceans and reefs. We stand by any product that we sell 100%, and if there are any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, we will do my very best to address them.



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