Live Spirulina Starter Culture **Fast US Shipping**


Spirulina starter culture, grown sustainably in Maryland and shipped across the US. Use Coupon code  FREESCREEN  to get a free harvesting cloth with your order!

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  • High density spirulina starter culture, cultivated in photo-bioreactors in Maryland, USA.
  • Dilute with 5 liters of nutrient solution to multiply the spirulina cells and grow continuously.
  • Please let the spirulina starter culture breath by opening the cap as soon as it arrives.
  • Guaranteed replacement if the culture arrives damaged or unhealthy.

Use Coupon code FREESCREEN  to get a free harvesting cloth with your order! 

If you plan to start a regenerating culture from your spirulina starter culture, be sure to research the growth requirements of Spirulina. While fairly simple to culture, Spirulina requires an alkali growth medium and a specific blend of nutrients (fertilizers) to reproduce successfully.

Shipping Specs

  • Same day or next day shipping, arriving anywhere in the US within 3 business days.
  • Shipped with high density for fast growth.
  • Shipped in reused plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste.
  • For best health upon arrival, please order at the beginning of the week.

About the seller- Matthew Wallace

My name is Matthew and I am a college student living in Annapolis Maryland. I am starting a gourmet mushroom and spirulina nonprofit and am selling live cultures in the meantime to help offset investment costs. I prioritize fast response time and shipping, please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any concerns.


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