COMPLETE Spirulina Grow Kit for a Perfect Science Project


This Spirulina grow kit includes absolutely everything needed to grow your own culture of Arthrospira platensis, indoor grown in the USA.

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This Spirulina grow kit includes absolutely everything needed to grow your own culture of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina). The only thing you need to provide is 5 gallons of clean (preferably bottled) water. I have personally spent dozens of hours trying to find the simplest and most economical way to cultivate high-quality Spirulina at home. After countless trials and experiments, I believe that this is the best kit available in this price range. I refused to cut corners when it came to the quality of my Spirulina starter culture or the ingredients in the nutrient mix. I have included an introductory guide to begin growing your culture immediately.

This Spirulina Grow Kit Includes:

  • 1-gallon food grade growing container with vented lid
  • Dual purpose lamp for heat and light
  • High range thermometer
  • Air pump
  • Silicone air line
  • Rigid acrylic air tubing
  • Dosing syringe
  • Pre-measured dry salt and nutrient mix for 5 gallons of media
  • Liquid trace metal solution for 5 gallons of media
  • Post-harvest replenishment nutrient and metals solution for 50 additional gallons (not pictured)
  • Ultra-pure Spirulina starter culture
  • Introductory culturing manual with tips and instructions

Nutrient Mix

Our proprietary mix contains all essential nutrients and trace elements to grow incredibly dense cultures of Spirulina. No measuring is required! Each kit makes 5 gallons of perfectly balanced growth media. The live culture is laboratory-grown and guaranteed pure and highly active. This formulation of nutrients took over a year to perfect and has proven to grow the most dense and stable cultures of Spirulina. Also included is a vial of metals and nutrients used to replenish those depleted after harvesting. This allows your culture to thrive indefinitely by dosing after each harvest. Please contact me with any questions. I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

About Suncoast Marine aquaculture

Suncoast Marine Aquaculture is a young company founded and based on a love of marine ecosystems and the earth’s coral reefs. Because our company began as a passion more than a business venture, great care goes into the quality of all of the products we offer. As the owners, we want you to know that we have devoted a large amount of time in research, design and husbandry to the living systems of our oceans and reefs. We stand by any product that we sell 100%, and if there are any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, we welcome them and will do our absolute best to address them. We also value your feedback greatly and hope to do business with you again!



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