Spirulina Mother Culture 500ml – Ships Internationally


500ml of pure, fresh Spirulina Mother Culture that you can use to start growing your own spirulina at any scale you want. With proper care, it can multiply by up to 25% per day!



This live spirulina mother culture from Israel is a dense and highly resistant algae strain that was originally brought to Israel by the founders of this website in 2018, from a large spirulina farm in the south of India. We have been maintaining the culture ever since in a small scale setting. We do regular check ups to temperature, pH, light fluctuation, mineral balance and cell morphology, to ensure a high quality spirulina culture.

Please note, when ordering more than one bottle, we may need up to a couple of weeks to grow the requested amount. Please be patient and wait for our instructions.

In some cases, customs may decide to inspect or withhold your spirulina mother culture. Since it is time-sensitive, we advise you to get it released as soon as you can. If the culture arrives damaged, i.e. pale in color or unusually thin, we’d be happy to replace it with a new one, charging only the shipping cost of the additional delivery.

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