How I Made My Kids LOVE Spirulina

Last updated on June 11th, 2023

When I first brought spirulina into our home, my kids were super excited. I remember their joy while cleaning the second hand aquarium we had received from the pet shop, and the immense curiosity when that bottle of gooey liquid arrived in the post. Having had my eye on spirulina as the number one nutrient to feed my kids upon, I thought

“Great, my kids LOVE spirulina”

Well… that wasn’t 100% correct. I mean, don’t get me wrong. They love looking after it, feeding it, mixing it, and watching it grow. If spirulina was a pet- it would most definitely be our favorite- especially as she’s so much more quiet than our cat! But seriously- Whenever it came to the part where eating was involved, silence would fill the room, and hugely dramatic facial expressions began emerging on their little faces. They would say things like:

  • We want normal food
  • But it’s got wee in it
  • It smells like fish
  • It looks like mucous

I have to admit, their arguments were pretty convincing, but mine was better-

Spirulina is the healthiest food on the planet!

To stress the message across, I volunteered to give a talk about spirulina at their school. To my surprise, the kids were absolutely fascinated and kept asking more and more questions about how it grows and about it’s many uses and benefits. Here’s the slideshow I made for them (sorry guys text is in hebrew, but i’m sure you can figure it out. )

The school kids were particularly interested when I told them that in our house, we mix spirulina in our desserts, so we don’t bother to restrict them too much…

Of course, it hasn’t always been like this. I used to be so strict about sweets that even too much fruit got me worried. After a series of slimy green yogurt drinks, green jam sandwiches, and dark green smoothies -which sometimes worked but often didn’t- I realized two very important things about kids and Spirulina:

  • Looks do matter!

    Whatever you’re giving them, it should always look and taste “kids-friendly”. Kids often prefer their foods unmixed and simple, so if you’re already adding spirulina, try not to add too many other things, or try to hide it among other foods, as looks can make a lot of difference to them. If you’re only using small amounts of spirulina, you may as well leave them uninformed, as in this particular case- ignorance is bliss!

  • Spirulina ice cream is the best!

    Kids Love Spirulina ice cream, or to be more precise, Kids love ice cream, so what’s wrong with a bit of green in it to make it healthier and hugely more effective in preserving their health?
    In past terms, I never used to give my kids ice cream at all, unless there was a very special occasion happening. Nowadays, they get to enjoy the flavors they never could before, and I get the pleasure of knowing what’s really inside- So everyone is happy!

Yummy ice cream recipes that will make your kids love spirulina too!

So there are two kinds of spirulina ice cream:

  • Home made Spirulina ice cream

    Ground Mango, banana, Guava (no seeds!) and spirulina mixed together in the blender and then frozen into ice lollies

  • The quick version of Spirulina ice cream

    Buy dark colored chocolate ice cream- of the kind that’s too dark to notice the presence of spirulina. Mix in the blender with lots of water and spirulina- Most kinds of ice cream will still remain sweet and your kids won’t notice the difference.

Seeing the bigger picture

Whether you let your kids know they’re eating spirulina or not is up to you, and some of them will notice it more than others. Either way, I hugely encourage you to tell your kids about spirulina and its benefits, and convince them that despite its unusual taste, it really is good for them. If your kids understand the nutritional value of Spirulina, they will learn to appreciate it and over time, maybe they will not need the ice cream anymore…

To cut things short, here’s a quick and simple tip which I strongly believe in:

Healthy kids = Happy kids

Nurture them well!

3 Responses

  1. chakrig9 Reply

    HI,Mr. Natan

    In my culture clumping if forming and i also removed those clumping
    From the culture with a mesh cloth, but it is repeating.
    can suggest any solution for this.


  2. benyamin Reply

    How do You sterilize the wee?

    I’m for organic spirulina, but the wee concern me.

    Everyone said nobody will eat spirulina grow from wee.

    Any help is appreciated.

    • Natan Gammer Reply

      Great question benyamin!
      First, let’s start by saying that not all spirulina growers use urine for their growth medium. There are many alternatives, but urine is the only substance that gives spirulina a perfect combination of minerals, without leaving residue.
      Its also naturally sterile as long as you use it fresh.
      As I laid out in detail on this article , urine only consists of about 0.1% of the organic culture medium. The rest of it is comprised of highly alkaline substances that do not allow bacteria to persevere.
      Contamination will only occur if the overall pH in the pond is becomes too low, and can be caused for various reasons, regardless of whether or not you are using urine in the culture medium.
      In addition, urine is only added after the harvest, to compensate for the loss of biomass. By the time of the next harvest, the urine in the culture has already been decomposed.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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