Be The Medicine- A Guide to Growing Organic Spirulina at Home

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This easy to use step-by-step guide will give you all the information you need to start growing your own organic Spirulina & maintain a healthy diet at very low costs!
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After thorough research and experimentation, we have finally managed to comprise an easy to use step by step guide that gives you all the information you need to grow your own organic Spirulina at home!

First published in 2014 and reviewed multiple times over the years, this book is now used by hundreds of small scale growers who are successfully cultivating their own spirulina at home, all over the world.

Why should you grow organic spirulina at home?

If you’re a Spirulina enthusiast, growing your own spirulina at home makes perfect sense both for your health and for your pocket. You’ll get quality organic spirulina that tastes so much better than the dried powder you get in the stores, and you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

Spirulina grows quickly, much faster than any other crop! If you follow the instructions on this book, you can grow your culture by 25% each day! This means that you may find yourself with a surplus that you can share with friends or sell at your local farmers’ market.

Growing organic spirulina also makes a great science project to share with students of all ages, as a community project or just for fun.

What you will find in this guidebook

  • The basics of growing organic Spirulina
  • List of all necessary equipment and ingredients and where to find them
  • How to get started with just 1 liter of Live Spirulina culture (or less)
  • How to multiply your spirulina by 25% per day!
  • Precise measurements and ingredients for preparing the organic culture medium
  • A daily growth chart to print and fill out
  • How to safely harvest the fresh Spirulina biomass
  • How to look after your Spirulina
  • How to recover your Spirulina from shock and distress
  • How to dry and preserve your Spirulina
  • Delicious organic Spirulina recipes

About this eBook

There is plenty of excellent scientific literature that you can find online, but for the average person, they are difficult to read and comprehend. This book is written in plain English that anyone can understand, even if they have no scientific background whatsoever.

If you’re still having a hard time figuring it out, or your spirulina is not growing as expected, you can always reach out to us and ask. We’d love to help.

If you want to go straight to the numbers, try our Web based calculator instead.

Inside look

12 reviews for Be The Medicine- A Guide to Growing Organic Spirulina at Home

  1. Michael Meade

    This is an amazing resource for the novice and advanced spriulina grower. The information provided is unique and well researched. Whether you want inspiration or practical information, this is a book for you!

  2. Chris

    The reason I bought this book was because I was surfing the net on spirulina information that I couldn’t find. It did me well. The author was also very responsive when I asked questions. There are several ways growing spirulina can go wrong, so I suggest you go for this book if you want to avoid those.

  3. Hitendra

    Excellent content

  4. Naresh babu

    We are the large scale cultivators of spirulina platensis. we needed the organic medium formula and it was available in this book

  5. K.E.Harish

    Very Good guide for starting spirulina farming,Uses of spirulina and also chemicals needed for growth has been clearly explained in this handbook.Best part of this E book compared to other which we could find on internet is the organic formula mentioned in it,Clear mentioning of organic nutrient supplement that are needed for the farming which can be obtained in our day to day life and its important role in growth of spirulina will be really helpful for starters.We could understand the authors moto of making food green clearly in it.

  6. Mike

    Excellent guide to creating organic medium with easily sources items, exactly as I knew was possible but lacked the time to work out on my own. Easy to follow instructions on entire process.

  7. ‎Micah Myers‎

    Reading your spirulina book and have to say, very impressive and thank you! I’ve been at a standstill, knowing there was a way to combine urine and other common materials to grow it but not having the time or money to deal with the regular failures common to experimenting alone. Your book is very helpful! <3

  8. Andrea Sabzkooh‎

    Thanks to Ditsa Keren for the book. Now converting my culture from inorganic to the wonderful organic method.

  9. Prabu Kumar

    I received your E-guide and was surprised to see all the organic nutrient details and procedures Clearly since here in India no one is ready to tell someone which organic nutrient they actually use. I am cultivating and supplying quality spirulina and I am in the process of converting my production into organic by following your E-GUIDE I bought. I’d like to thank you for the time you’ve spent writing this book and replying my questions. Thank you!

  10. Juan Carlos

    It’s a good book to start your home spirulina farm. Has simple to follow instructions and charts.

  11. Carmen Amitai

    This book is great news to the world!!!!
    It is full with life changing information that can bring abundance, good health, and yummi joy into your life ….
    You can be sure that a big heart is behind this
    Thank you so much for the good work!!!

  12. Emily

    Great guide with lots of ueful information that actually works! Thanks so much 🙂

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