How to Make NASA’s Solution B6 for Zarrouk Growth Medium 1966

How to Make NASA’s Solution B6 for Zarrouk Growth Medium 1966

Last updated on June 21st, 2020

The original 1966 Zarrouk culture medium formula used by NASA included 2 liquid solutions: Solution A5 and solution B6. These acidic liquids require special care, as they involve the use of hazardous acids which, if not handled properly, can cause serious damage and discomfort, irritating the eyes and skin of the preparer.

While we do not encourage the use of such chemicals, we find it of great importance to educate amateur and beginner growers so they can avoid unnecessary accidents.

Safety Rules for Solution B6

The best way to avoid mistakes while preparing solution B6 is to do it with someone who has chemistry training and experience. If you don’t have chemistry training and experience or if you’re unfamiliar with the behaviour of the substances being used in this formula, please don’t try it alone. Find someone who can help you and be safe!

Wear long clothing and use protective gloves and glasses to avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes.
Keep your work surface tidy and accessible

Want to grow Spirulina like NASA did?

Get our NASA calculator and you’ll be able to prepare the original Zarrouk Formula For Culturing And Feeding Spirulina (1966).

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