Home Grown Spirulina Culturing Kit


The ultimate spirulina kit for beginner and advanced growers seeking to grow quality spirulina on a small scale.


This Home Grown Spirulina Culturing Kit is designed for those looking for a premium spirulina culturing experience. It includes the best equipment available to help you produce high-quality spirulina at home, taking freshness to a whole new level.

The kit includes premixed nutrients:

  • Starter Growing Mix, sufficient for growing 100 liters of culture
  • Everyday Feeding Mix, sufficient for producing spirulina for one person over an 8 months period
  • Iron Solution, sufficient for growing 600 liters of culture
  • Home grown Spirulina step-by-step guidebook

Our premium spirulina culturing kit is great for both beginner and experienced growers. It comes with a detailed guidebook with step-by-step instructions to help you along the way. Before you know it, you’ll have a daily supply of fresh spirulina at your fingertips.

In addition, Each kit includes:

  • Extra-large harvesting cloth
  • Professional high-quality air pump
  • Aquarium Heater with thermostat
  • Thermometer
  • 3 meters of air hose
  • Air bubble/diffuser
  • Digital pH meter
  • Secchi stick (for measuring spirulina density)
  • A small net

** This kit does not include an aquarium or spirulina starter culture.

We’re a team of expert growers who have been selling spirulina starter kits worldwide since 2012!

We proudly offer a 100% success guarantee.


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