Call for Algae Research Papers and Book Authors – Join our Online Library!

Call for Algae Research Papers and Book Authors – Join our Online Library!

Last updated on June 9th, 2023

As part of our services to our growing community, we are working towards launching an exciting new project: A comprehensive online library of e-books, containing all information that would interest Spirulina cultivators, researchers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, from DIY growers to industrial manufacturers’ altogether!

Who can apply to the online library?

Whether you’re an academic or an independent researcher, a scientist or a DIY fan, a thought provoker or a policy maker; If you’ve written a piece of literature that is related to the cultivation and uses of Algae or Micro-Algae, and you’d like to reach a large, targeted audience that will buy and read your work, you may be fit to join our authors network.

Algae Research Fields We’re Particularly Interested In

  • Innovative Algae cultivation and harvesting techniques
  • Industrial use cases for Algae and Micro algae
  • Extraction and preservation of pigments from Micro-algae
  • Biodiesel, Bioplastics and modern applications of Algae and Micro-algae
Why should I join the authors network?
To rest your mind assured, all copyrights will remain your own.

All we charge is 20% commission for our hard work and dedication, and you only pay once you’ve earned. Since no shipping is involved, and sales are fully automated, there is absolutely nothing to lose.

So, to get your books live on our online library, please fill out this form.
Finally, we will need a full copy of your ebook in pdf format. To avoid copyrights violation by third parties, we recommend using a protected pdf, which can be created with Adobe.
So come and join us, as you gain the exposure and credit you deserve!
For any questions, please reply in the comments below.


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