Secchi Disc with Lanyard for Testing Spirulina Culture Density


This handy tool makes it easy to measure the density of your algae culture so you know when it’s time to harvest.

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The Secchi Disc is a timeless tool for checking water transparency in any body of water. When testing spirulina cultures, it is used to indicate growth rate, and whether or not the biomass is ready for harvesting.

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This Secchi Disk Is…

  • EASY TO USE – Includes everything you need to get started. Includes disc, cord, cord holder & instructions.
  • LONG RETRIEVAL LINE – Close to 100ft of cord is included to ensure you have enough for any water testing situation.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If for any reason you don’t like our Secchi Disc it can be returned any time no questions asked.
  • Our test assured Secchi disc includes everything you need to get started and is one of the most high-quality discs on the market. Our kit includes the high-quality disc, retrieval rope, rope storage handle, and instruction manual.

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