How much Spirulina can I harvest per day – Free Harvesting Calculator!

Last updated on July 3rd, 2023

Curious about how much Spirulina you could be producing? Try our free Spirulina Harvesting Calculator!

With just a small space in your garden or windowsill, you can grow the most nutritious food on earth. Say goodbye to worrying about protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – Spirulina has it all!

By providing the ideal conditions (ph 10.5, temp 32 Cel, 70% light, and a proper nutrient balance), Spirulina can multiply by 25% every day. It won’t be long before you can start harvesting from your pool. But how much can you actually harvest?

Simply input the dimensions of your pool into our calculator to find out how much wet biomass or dry Spirulina powder you can produce daily!

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32 Responses

  1. riazmian Reply

    Hi Natan,

    Same question as asked above, looking feedback/information from you please.

    How to check the quality of our produce in wet and dry conditions. Any lab test you would suggest. Is there any benchmark upto which your product will last?

    • Ditsa Keren Reply

      Hi, the standart way is to get a COA which tests for heavy metals and microbial contaminants, and lists the percentage of the main nutrients (protein, vitamin A etc.)
      If stored properly, the dry products can usually last up to 2 years.

  2. Wessel Roux Reply

    Great site.

    Do you have any data on the difference in yield if one inject CO2 gas into the growth medium?
    Compared to the normal yield.

    I read somewhere that it takes 1.33% Co2 to make 1 unit of Spirulina. Is that true?

    • Ramesh Reply

      I read somewhere,
      the CO2 fixation ability depends on Spirulina strain we select. Spirulina strain 220 has more ability to fix CO2 under regular conditions.
      Highest CO2 fixation rate 414.15 mg/L per day by Strain 220.

  3. Jayesh Reply

    Hi Nayan that’s good piece of information. How to check the quality of our produce in wet and dry conditions. Any lab test you would suggest. Is there any benchmark upto which your product will last?

  4. Donald Reply

    I am interested in starting this project. I would like to start small until I have the knowledge needed to grow more. For a starter setup, how many gallon tank would be required to produce sufficient Spirulina for 2 people per day?

  5. Jonathan L Gal Reply

    How necessary is RODI water for use with the Zarouk’s medium?

    Can I use tap water without RODI?

    Our water here is hard water. Does that make a difference?

  6. Kirubakaran Reply

    what is standard Water quality required to grow spirulina…. whtether it can Grow using Salt water or Sea water

  7. Vishnu R Pillai Reply

    Hello Natan, I’m planning to grow spirolina in India. But during winters the temperature here drops to around 15 °C. It would be great help to know, what could be best energy efficient way to manage temperature of the pond?

    • Ditsa Keren Reply

      A polytunnel or greenhouse that you can open in the summer and close in the winter would probably be the most energy efficient in the long run and will prevent other problems like flooding and contamination. If that isn’t enough, consider installing an AC or water heaters where you can control the temperature.

  8. smr0ariabarzin Reply

    thank you very useful.

  9. Kumari Reply

    Can we cultivate Spirulina where the temperature of between 40 – 49 degree centigrade?

    • Natan Gammer Reply

      Hi Kumari, That’s very high and likely to kill your culture. The ideal temperature of the water is between 28-32 degrees Celsius. You’ll probably need some shading and cooling in place.

  10. Anand Kumar Reply

    Hi Nathan,

    One of my uncle wants to start spirulina cultivation. What will you suggest to go for a plastic tank or cement tanks? And also will you suggest to sell dry yield or wet? Which will be more profitable for business. please reply. Looking forward for your help.

  11. ismael aldunate varela Reply

    hellow my friend, im a chilean spirulin cultivator. I need to know where you get this information of the growth rate in open pounds.

    Best regards!

  12. Walid Moghrabi Reply

    Like any cultured living organism, you will end up with waste released into the water. If the water is kept being utilized round the clock with 25% harvested per day, won’t the released byproduct accumulation becomes toxic to the growing culture.

    • Natan Gammer Reply

      Dear Walid, it depends on the composition of the compensation feed as well as the accuracy and know-how of the grower. It is customary to replace the medium water and reset the pools every now and then, to prevent mineral saturation.

  13. Anzar Reply

    Thank you for this website, it has helped a lot. I have one question, how often can spirulina be harvested. Can it be done every day of the month?
    Many sources say its every 6 days. If that is the case, then how will the above calculations work?

  14. yuniah Reply

    Enter your comment.
    advise me on if I want to do it in plastic tanks will it work & if it works how can I calculate

  15. Enrico Maria Andreini Reply

    Hi Nathan,
    I was going through your calculations and of the sources I have read mention 6-20 grams/m^2/day. Square meters per day – yet here you have the production per meter cube. Could kindly share the sources where yields are calculated per m^3?

  16. Sai Krishna Reply

    Informative site. Quite helpful

  17. Winstonjak Reply

    thanks towards this countless illuminating website, obstruct up the momentous work

  18. paebioch Reply

    Great site, with insight full detailed information for all of us.. Thank you for sharing .

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