Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood by Dr. Aaron Baum

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Written by NASA algae scientist, Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum, Grow your own Spirulina Superfood – A simple how to guide is a great place to get your basics right and start off your spirulina cultivation project.

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Spirulina is a well-known and popular superfood, but did you know you can grow it in your own home, in a space no bigger than a window?

Spirulina’s high growth rate makes it easy to harvest every day, getting a unique, fresh, and nutrient-dense food that is easy to eat.

Join NASA algae scientist Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum in exploring this exciting new way to farm: everything you need to know about growing, harvesting, and maintaining your own Spirulina is inside!

Every step is described in detail and illustrated in color. Includes recipes, growth and maintenance tips, ideas for expanding your setup, a troubleshooting guide, instructions on growing up from small culture samples, and references for further reading.

Comes in kindle edition.

About Dr. Aaron Baum

Dr. Aaron Baum graduated summa cum laude in Physics from Harvard and received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University. A founding member of the Chlorophyll Collective interactive algae education project, he founded the Shipyard algae teaching lab in Berkeley, CA, while working on the NASA OMEGA algae biofuel-bioremediation project.

After founding in 2008, he co-founded two new algae companies — GreenSpring, an innovative algae farm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and SpiraLife, a developer of consumer-oriented, turnkey algae superfood photobioreactors.

4 reviews for Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood by Dr. Aaron Baum

  1. MGoncalves

    Very good guide to grow and harvest your own spirulina, inexpensively and very efficiently. The author provides stop by step details.

  2. DW

    Excellent introductory guide to “farming” your own superfood in your living space. I sincerely appreciate that Dr. Baum tells you precisely how to mix your own growth medium. It shows me that he is more interested in the widespread dissemination of this knowledge, than he is in simply making a buck.

  3. Doesn’tmatter

    If you know nothing about spirulina and are interested in growing some for yourself and family, this is the right book.

    If you are looking for information on organic growing or a larger scale setup, this book lacks. Good information to add in the future or create another book for.

  4. Paul Nagle

    Dr. Baum is very well trained on the subject matter. This becomes obvious when you read the book. Being well trained or educated is one skill set. Being able to make this sometimes technical information easy to understand for the diverse population who are interested in this subject is another skill set. Dr. Baum has both of these skill sets in spades. He is a natural born teacher. I can’t wait for his next book.

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