The Original Zarrouk Medium For Spirulina Culturing by NASA – Calculator


Grow Spirulina like a pro with NASA’s original 1966 Zarrouk formula!

This virtual product includes online calculators for culture growth and feeding methods, as well as detailed instructions for preparing the required solutions in advance, giving you all the relevant information to start growing  Spirulina the NASA way.


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NASA was one of the first modern age organizations to rediscover the benefits of spirulina, back in the 1960’s. Their extensive research included means of utilizing human waste to promote algae growth. They found that not only does spirulina provide the majority of dietary needs for astronauts during long term space travel, it also requires very little resources compared to other cultivated foods, particularly in contained environments such as spaceships. This formula is therefore particularly relevant to those interested in cultivating spirulina under artificial conditions where light and oxygen can be manipulated and controlled.

Why we created this calculator?

Spirulina is a delicate organism that reacts even to subtle changes in the climate, quality of air and nutrient compositions present in the water. While different spirulina cultivation methods are available, most documentation on growing spirulina is written with scientific terminology that most people aren’t familiar with.

Our online calculators simplify the research process by focusing on what matters most: the numbers.

Whether you’re growing spirulina in a raceway pond, a photo bioreactor or an aquarium on your windowsill, knowing the exact nutrient proportions needed in YOUR facility makes it easy to experiment with different growing methods, and choose the one (or more) that suits you best.

How to use Zarrouk Medium calculator?

After completing the payment, you will be transferred to your account dashboard. Navigate to the membership area and click the Nasa calculator link. Along with some general instructions, you’ll see a calculator where you can enter the volume of your spirulina bioreactor or pond, and get a precise recipe for making the Zarrouk culturing medium by yourself!

What you will find on the Zarrouk Medium calculator

  • A complete list of the nutrients being used in the formula
  • Nutrient proportions calculator for the primary growing stage based on pool size
  • Post-harvest replacement feed calculator for ongoing maintenance
  • 2 Formulas for the preparation of liquid solutions that are added in the mix
  • General background and history of the NASA formula






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