Modified Zarrouk Formula for Commercial Spirulina Farms


Grow Spirulina like a pro with the best culturing formula for commercial and large scale growers!

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This Modified Zarrok formula is known to simplify the feeding process and yield more spirulina at lower costs, making it popular among commercial growers in India and the Far East. It is used by hundreds of Spirulina growers worldwide.

This online calculator will quickly estimate the amount and ratio of the nutrients that growers need to add to their spirulina culture during the growing stage and after each harvest.

While the mineral nutrients used in this formula are mostly inorganic, they are widely used in the food industry and can produce good quality spirulina that may be certified as organic in some countries.

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Why we created this calculator

Disproportionate feeding or overfeeding can kill your spirulina in a manner of hours, but if your water level keeps changing, or the weight of your harvest varies from one day to another, sticking to the recipe can be difficult. That’s where the feed calculators come in handy.

Our online calculators simplify the research process by focusing on what matters most: the numbers.

Whether you’re growing spirulina in a raceway pond, a photobioreactor, or an aquarium on your windowsill, knowing the exact nutrient proportions needed in your tank makes it easy to experiment with different growing methods and choose the one (or more) that work best for you.

How to use the feed calculator

After completing the payment, navigate to the memberships section on your account dashboard and click View next to the calculator name. Then, select the amount of water in your tank, or the weight of your last harvest, and you’ll get a revised recipe showing you exactly how much of each nutrient you need to add.

What’s included?

  • A complete list of the nutrients used in the formula, with links to further information on each of them.
  • A feeding calculator for the primary growth stage, based on the water volume
  • A feeding calculator for after each harvest, based on the weight of spirulina harvested
  • General background and history of this spirulina culturing formula


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