Large Spirulina Pond Diffuser for Outdoor Raceway Ponds by Rootscape


The Rootscape Large Pond Aerator and Bubbler makes a great spirulina pond diffuser for indoor and outdoor raceway ponds.

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Oxygenize your algae raceway ponds with this innovative spirulina pond diffuser by Rootscape. Installation is quick and easy with the self-weighted base. No big contraptions to assemble. No base to fill with sand, stones or gravel. No bricks or straps to sink to the bottom.

Spirulina Pond Diffuser Features

  • NON-CLOG DESIGN – Unique self cleaning perforations increase bubbles for trouble-free oxygenation
  • CLEANS STAGNANT POND WATER – Dramatically reduces scum by ONLY using air to produce air bubbles
  • SELF-WEIGHTED BASE – Remains submerged while in up-right position when used with 3/8-Inch ‘weighted’ sinking hose (NOT INCLUDED)
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Ships as seen with 3/8 -Inch connection barb installed. Use any air pump & 3/8-Inch ‘weighted’ hose (NOT INCLUDED)
  • DEICES & OXYGENATES – Use year round: eliminates winter fish kill, surface freezing, ice build-up

Simple To Install, Use And Maintain All Year-Round

Rootscape’s spirulina pond diffuser and bubbler can be set up and running in minutes with only a few 3/8 -Inch connections. Simply attach the Rootscape Pond Aerator and Bubbler to an air compressor with a ‘weighted’ sinking hose and you are ready to go (air compressor and hose are SOLD SEPARATELY).

Rootscape’s latest iteration (late 2018/ early 2019) represents multiple improvements driven by their internal research and customer feedback. Though slightly smaller in size, it is definitely much more efficient — 20% lower air restriction — which means improved utilization of your pump output. You will find that this aerator is far superior in bubble output and size, producing much finer bubbles that your spirulina is really going to love!

Spirulina Pond Diffuser Specifications




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