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Last updated on June 10th, 2020

Welcome all new members. In the next few days we will be modifying and improving our website to better fit the needs of spirulina growers and suppliers, especially (but not exclusively) in developing countries.

This site was created by growers and for Growers

We built this website in 2014 out of the belief that anyone can grow spirulina at home. We wanted to make it easier by providing people with the knowledge and materials needed to get started. Our eBook “Be the Medicine- A Guide to Growing Organic Spirulina at Home” has been successful in providing new spirulina growers with the know-how, but over time, more and more Spirulina growers began approaching us, asking for our help in marketing their products online.

We realised that in order to provide the best service for Spirulina growers, who often come from developing countries and malnourished communities, we must help them connect with potential buyers and supporters, not only in the consumer market but also in the medicine, agriculture and biofuel industries. We realised it was time for something new for the Spirulina growing community, and decided to take on the challenge.

2 Websites, 1 common goal

While grow-organic-spirulina focuses on growers and their needs, our new website, Spirulina.network, currently under development, apires to become a leading commercial platform where wholesale and retail clients will be able to buy spirulina products globally and on a large scale. We have already established a number of partnerships in India, and are hoping to find more growers from other countries two, because together we are stronger!

How YOU can get involved

  • If you’re part of an interesting initiative related to Spirulina, share your story with our readers by emailing us directly.
  • If you’re a service provider, machinery manufacturer or if you have valuable knowledge to offer the Spirulina-growing community, please sign up as a vendor via this page. You will get a page on this site where you can publish your products and services for the Spirulina-growing community.
  • If you’re a Spirulina farmer, producer, manufacturer or exporter, we want to get to know you and investigate business opportunities together-sign up as a vendor for our future eCommerce platform. If you have products for sale, please upload their info and images so we can then discuss business details further. We can even create a cover blog post for you if your story is interesting for our readers.

Those of you who feel they need help with English or just need some directions, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Looking Forward…

We see it as our mission to support Spirulina growers in the important work they do and are committed to providing them with new opportunities by raising awareness among global industry leaders, and establish long term business relationships for the benefit of all sides.

Let’s grow together!

live spirulina network making the world greener

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