Be The Medicine Organic Spirulina Culturing Formula for Low Budget Science Projects

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Grow Spirulina at your home, school or community center with the Be The Medicine formula, specifically designed for zero-budget projects and survival scenarios.


BE THE MEDICINE organic Spirulina culturing formula was developed by Ditsa Keren and Natan Gammer, to cater to the needs of malnourished communities, refugee camps, and survival-type situations where budget is limited. It is described in detail in our book “Be the Medicine- a Guide to Growing Organic Spirulina at Home“.

Low-Cost Spirulina Culturing

The majority of ingredients used in this formula are cheap and widely available. We also have a number of guides that explain how to prepare some of the ingredients yourself and lower costs even more.

Spirulina Culturing Formula for Science Projects

This culturing formula is also suited for educational science projects as it requires very basic ingredients that do not pose any hazard to the user. Use this calculator to assist your students or classmates in getting the right proportions.

What’s Included?

  • This digital product includes 2 web-based calculators: One for the initial culture growth, and one for the ongoing feeding.
  • Use the calculators to find exact nutrient proportions based on the volume of your tank or pond.
  • All of our calculators are web-based and can be viewed on your Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, or any device that connects to the internet.


2 reviews for Be The Medicine Organic Spirulina Culturing Formula for Low Budget Science Projects

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